Mr. Nice Guy Marketing


Marketing and Graphic Support for Marijuana Businesses

Social media marketing

The world of Social Media Marketing is ever growing and evolving. Rules are constantly changing and being rewritten. We stay up to date with these rules and create relevant content accordingly. Our goal is to inform and educate your followers, making you an online authority in the industry.


Our agency helps companies create websites that are informative and work accordingly to the products or services they provide. We are huge fans of responsive websites and make sure your customers are ready to view on their smartphones. If you are looking to get your website done, that's definitely also something we can do for you!


The way people consume advertisement is constantly in flux, however traditional print marketing is still very effective. Mr. Nice Guy Marketing strives to create beautiful print material for ads in magazines and affiliate websites to captivate your clients and to remind your competition that you exist.


Along with creating websites, we also manage any changes needed to keep them updated. Need blog content for your blog? Need your WeedMaps or Leafly pages managed? We'll take care of all of that for you. We've got you covered.


Internet and social media outlets are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make our lives simpler, but to target specific demographics, it is all about creating content that matters to them. We can help create video and content that works to capture their attention.


From logos to business cards, from social media posts to magazine ads, we know our stuff. We also do packaging design, tee shirt design, postcard design, and anything else that needs graphics. We also can provide printing (digital, offset, screenprinting) through our own trusted vendors.